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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
No resentment here. Kids don't play hockey here though like they do in Michigan. It's still a niche sport. You have no idea what's going to happen in the future. The '85 Bears only won the title one time. One injury mucks it all up. I am surprised that so many people have a hard time with the concept of cyclical success in sports. It is quite a grand statement though to say hockey will be more popular than baseball. Ain't going to happen. I love the Hawks though.

It's silly to say the Sox are at fault that they couldn't capitalize. They went all-in with Thome and Vazquez in 2006. They won 90 games. It's just some bad luck considering what happened. 2007 was an anomaly because of the injuries. They rebounded in 2008 and could have easily gone to the World Series if Quentin and Crede were healthy. The series with the Rays was winnable. Crap happens. Now they suck again like they did in the late 80s. The bad part is that Frank and Robin are not waiting in the wings.
You're right - I can't predict the future, but I'm comfortable in predicting that the Hawks will continue to thrive even if they have a few sub par seasons. The seeds have been planted. The Bulls went through some 'dark days' post-Jordan retirement and still managed to draw well. I see the same for the Hawks. Hockey will probably remain somewhat of a "niche" sport due in large part to the cost/time commitment of youth hockey (been there). But I think you'll start to see more programs in the coming years. It won't ever be as popular as baseball in terms of youth participation, but in terms of fan support of the professional franchise, I think they've already surpassed the White Sox.

I don't think the Sox were at fault based on roster moves but I think their entire marketing strategy, post '05, was weak. I can't tell you exactly what they didn't do, but it's sort of hard to fathom how a Chicago team could win a championship in baseball and only see a one year "bump" in attendance. Remember, this is a city that still treats the '85 Bears as royalty.
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