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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
Here's one thing the Sox could learn from the Cubs: if the product on the field is pathetic, you better absolutely nail the guest services aspect. Clueless ushers and slow, argumentative food service workers and an aloof marketing department are nuisances when the team is winning. When the team is a joke, the incompetence on the periphery becomes the difference between a nice day at the ballpark, win or lose, and a downright miserable time.

This season has overwhelmingly been a miserable time.

They better never bitch about attendance because the actual game-day experience at that park is brutal for casual fans. I go stand in my spot and have a few beers, and wherever I turn there's somebody I know, so it doesn't really bother me, but *** if I took a first-timer to a game they'd never come back. Is it too much to get a fresh hot dog without having to walk 3 miles? I was going to get a sausage sandwich yesterday but the stand right by me was closed. So **** em. They don't care I don't care.
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