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The response I received from Brooks

Thank you for the note. This is the second email along these lines this weekend. As you likely know, we have Sportservice running our concessions (vendors) on our main levels and Levy Restaurants does so on the Club Level. They were made aware of the promotion on Friday. Why they did not staff appropriately is inexcusable.

We absolutely failed. We knew that the weather forecast looked good and we had 1,000,000 in Grant Park. The promotion was publicized. Our expectation was that the outfield would get hit by fans. Why we didn't have vendors is overly irritating and I completely understand your frustration. I would be upset too.

I cannot turn back time but please know that notes like this do help us get better. You can be certain that this will be discussed today. We cannot control what happens on the field but we certainly can control what happens off of it. I am sorry we failed you on something so easy to control.

As far as any sort of new policy for giveaway items, that is new news to me. I will check to see if there is something new and what the thinking was behind it. I would not be surprised if there was any sort of new policy but I will find out. Again, inexcusable. I will report back to you.

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