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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
All? Really? I would never say Sale will last another 15 years without a major injury. I'm not Cleo and lots of pitchers without the dreaded inverted W blow their arms out too. Pitchers just seem so fragile nowadays regardless of how they throw.
Yep. All of them.

Originally Posted by WLL1855 View Post
Take your crusade elsewhere. Your absolutist statements are stale.
Or, you know, you could educate yourself. Because it's true.

There hasn't been a single 10+ year career in the last 112 years of baseball where a starting pitcher threw with a true inverted W without serious and career threatening (or ending) incident. Not a single case.

And someone will look it up and come up with names like Glavine, Smoltz, Blylevin, etc. But none of those guys threw a true inverted W. In a true inverted W, the elbow can (and does frequently) raise about the shoulder. That's what causes catastrophic injury. At a 100% rate. Absolute. 100%.

In case you were wondering, it's still 100%.

Did you look it up yet? 100%.

Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
Facts are facts. As pitch count restrictions have increased, so have arm injuries to pitchers. Unless you are arguing we are in the midst of a process human devolution, I don't know how you can claim there is no correlation. And how does it just so happen a nice round number like 100 becomes a magic number where that's acceptable but not 120 pitches. If we were using the duodecimal system instead of the decimal system, people would probably praising Ventura for keeping him under pitch count right now.
I'm not knocking the argument that pitch counts are to blame in a lot of cases, I believe that to be true. My issue is with the way Sale pitches. It's 100% a ticking time bomb. It's not a matter or if, it's a matter of when. And the more pitches he throws, the sooner when is.
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