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White Sox management can do what it wants and not explain anything. We can do what we want and not bother going to see its lousy excuse for a franchise.

It's funny how some defend management' rights but foam at the mouth when the stadium is more than half empty and demand to know why fans don't come out.

Of course, the team can do what it wants. However, it is in a people-pleasing, customer service related business. The worst thing for the Sox right now is not its on-the-field play as bad as that is. It is leaving the impression that there is no sense of urgency or that they don't know what they are doing to dig themselves out of this mess. Even the most die-hard fan will stay away if there is a loss of confidence in ownership. I can put up with losing for a time; I have already done enough of that as a Sox fan. But it is another story if I think ownership is totally inept. And I really think this management doesn't have the ability to change things.
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