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Default The Good and the Bad

1) The Good: The attendance hasn't been bad this year. When you consider how bad the weather has been this spring and factor in the White Sox are a last place team. I read an article on another website earlier this year where the writer pointed out how the White Sox went crazy with their ticket prices after the 2005 season. He maintained that if the White Sox would of had lower ticket prices they would of drawn more people the last few years. It looks like he was right. They drew 81,000 people this weekend against the Indians. These lower ticket prices have proven to be popular. Hopefully they will continue this practice of lower ticket prices in the coming seasons.
2) The Bad: The White Sox management doesn't owe us any explanation about what has happened this miserable 2013 season. I am surprised that Rick Hahn has done absolutely NOTHING with this team the past month. It's hard to believe he hasn't done something/anything to change this sinking ship. Usually when a team tanks like this one has done, some sort of change is made. I'm just hoping he does SOMETHING before this season ends.
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