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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
SI, I wasn't including you, for the record. I know Lip and Nell have a grudge against JR for things that happened 30 years ago.
I don't hate the man but yes I'm not happy with what he's done over the years.
To this day I don't believe old Comiskey could not have been saved. JR wanted out of the Southside and when the Addison thing fell through he had to settle for a new park in the same location with the best lease in pro sports. Poor fellow.
All this in addition to a threat to move the team to St. Pete.

I guess he gets a pass from a lot of you for 2005, if that didn't happen, how would people feel.

I was not a fan of Bill Veeck either plus the second time around he had hardly any money to run the team. Free agency did him in. Art Allyn was ok as we had 3 straight years of 90 plus wins in a row and almost stole a pennant in 67. Art Allyns big mistake was leaving WGN and going to UHF when very few had TVs with UHF. John Allyn ran out of money also. The poor Comiskey family never recovered from 1919, despite that, the 50s were great under Chuck Comiskey but his sister stabbed him in the back and sold her majority portion to Veeck in his first term as owner, he turns around and trades away some great young talent.

Bottom line is that the Sox down through the years have not been blessed with great ownership.
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