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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Konerko's not going to get traded when the Hahn says everyone but Sale and Konerko is available, it probably means that Paul's not going to waive his 10/5 rights. I have a pretty strong feeling that this is his last season and he wants to retire as a member of the White Sox.

Danks is worth holding on to because he's not likely to fetch any return that has any more potential future value than he does, his peripherals so far have been pretty good other than the dramatic increase in HR allowed which is probably just the calling card of a guy who is rebuilding his arm after surgery.

I think there's a chance people expecting the Sox to just gut the team for the sake of gutting it may be in for a bad surprise, the Sox are in the driver's seat with most of their more tradeable players; Peavy, Rios, and Alexei all have deals that go through the 2014 year, and the Sox don't exactly have a plethora of young kids in AA and AAA knocking on the door of the Majors, there's no point in trading veterans for the sake of trading them.
I have a feeling there will be a mandate to dump at least some $$$. Management sees the attendance and isn't going to want to take a bath paying for salary $$$ with reduced revenue coming in. If 2014 is a rebuilding year, they'll also want to get the payroll well under $90-100 million. Konerko and Floyd coming off puts you below $100 million, barring any other raises. If we're able to dump Rios and Dunn, there is another $20-30 million there depending on what we'd have to eat on Dunn. Then you start looking at Peavy, Ramirez, Crain, and Thornton and a lot of $$$ are freed up.