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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Little Nell before I make even the shortest and simplest of posts I remind myself someone is likely to tell me in words and/or emoticons what a complete and worthless idiot I am. I'm with you. The team has me beyond exasperation. Believe me if they continue to flounder for a few more years, and the Cubs have even the most modest upturn they will be beyond irrelevant. They're close to that now. I understand the passion and the frustration. We cancelled our Tropicana Dome trip too.
We are the 5th team in popularity in Chicago right now and the Fire one day might overtake us as more as more kids are playing soccer these days.
As for your other point, I think most posters on this site enjoy the site and post intelligent insights, there seems to be a few who have joined only to demean and ridicule other members. I try not to get in arguements with people I don't know or have never met and don't ever want to meet.
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