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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
The Sox don't owe any of us a thing. You don't have to buy the product.

The most foolish thing the FO could do is go public with their rebuild strategy before the deadline.
I agree with you in the sense that we don't have to buy the product.
The difference is that our love of the Sox does not come down to a real product, following a sports team is an emotional thing built up over years of passion for the team. It's not like screw Chevrolet, I'm going to buy a Ford or the hell with Dell I'm going to get an Apple. The Sox are part of us and we are part of them and it hurts me deeply when I see what's happening with this franchise.
I could see lousy players under Veeck and the Allyns, they never had the money to compete but JR and company are a different story, they came in with grand ideas and building a great tradition. The Sox have averaged a record of 83.5 and 78.5 in JRs 32 years as owner, like someone said, some are spoiled by mediocrity.
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