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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Honestly, I think Robin will leave on his own at season's end. I don't see any point in firing him. This team has a Triple-A roster, and it's only going to get worse when a couple of the bullpen guys and a couple of the regulars get traded within the next month.

Is the manager accountable for this mess? Sure, but nothing is going to change this year if someone else is placed in charge of the team. This will be a 95- to 100-loss team, and that's that.
Emotionally, I want to accept your opinion to let Ventura, a fan and personal favorite, save face and be allowed to leave at the end of this season. But I want to see the rebuilding of talent, climate and culture to begin asap.

Would improvement on the field negatively affect next years draft. Maybe. But even if it lowered our picks, I doubt our ability to evaluate talent. That's an area that needs BIG improvement.

My opinion is that wholesale change, top to bottom, needs to happen.
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