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Originally Posted by Harry Potter View Post
I'm glad others noticed this as well. I was given tickets in the Club Level for the DH yesterday (as opposed to my normal season ticket location in Section 158). In the middle of the game, I looked out at the park and not one green shirted vendor in the stadium. It wasn't until 6:10pm until I saw my first green shirted vendor walking the concourse.

In between games I went down to my normal seats and chatted with the beer vendor who regularly works in my section. He said they were told to treat it as a normal 7:10pm game and basically no need to show up for the first game because they weren't expecting anyone to show up for the first game. It's one thing to say that on a regular true DH but when you specifically market the DH as an offer for Blackhawks fans who just finished attending the parade/rally and then don't bother having any of the vendors show up until the second game?

Yet another example of the joke known as White Sox management.

Speaking of the Club Level, they did not even have wait staff working the seats at the start of the first game. When they finally showed up in the 3rd inning, they began taking orders --- only to later tell patrons that they could only take drink orders because the kitchen wasn't ready yet.

Kudos White Sox!!
That's pitiful, the Sox marketed the first game heavily to people who were wearing Blackhawks gear and then the Sox do nothing to accomdate them. That's not a good way to try and build repeat customers.

Go Sox!!!
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