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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
I think everybody's said part or all of what I'm thinking. Let him walk after this season.

He's been bad this year, but last season, he actually practiced what Ozzie had been preaching without results for years with the defense first attitude, and it showed. He helped wash away some of the bitter taste that Ozzie left in fans mouths.

He's had a bad year, but he's also had a very bad team to work with. He shouldn't be brought back, but outside of some poor decisions, he hasn't merited firing. He hasn't said anything stupid in the media like Ozzie did on a seemingly weekly basis, he doesn't throw players under the bus, and while he's making poor decisions, at least he's still trying. Firing him doesn't solve anything with this team. It doesn't start the rebuild any faster, and it doesn't make this team a contender. All it would accomplish is shaming a Sox legend who tried really hard to help the team, but fell short of expectations.

That would be my take on it. Well stated.. The paper tiger of the line up he was given has devolved into a crumpled ball fit for the nail on the end of a stickwielding,yellow vested, highway cleaning effort. Christ, he must feel like a T-Ball coach with some of the boners they are pullin...

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