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Originally Posted by cv sox fan View Post
Fire him he lost control last year when they needed a manager typical Williams move we bring a explayer to please the fans there were good managers available we go cheap kw will probably blame us fans for not showing up I can't wait to blow this disaster up maybe then will bring up some kids who want to play and get a manger to teach them discipline
This is an interesting take. Really the 2012-13 White Sox are not much different from the 1978-68 White Sox from this perspective. Once I was driving through Chicago and heard some North guy on the radio saying the White Sox needed to win only one of their last five games to go to the World Series, which shows, I guess, how that word 1967 has become more legend than reality.

But, essentially, the White Sox in 1967 had the inside track in a four-team race, playing the weakest teams in the league (although the A's had considerable good young talent). The White Sox had the inside track in 2012. In 1968, the White Sox were worse than they had been in about a generation, losing their first 10 games, losing a record number of one-run games. This team is shaping up to be the worst since Bill Veeck's second regime. In 1968, there wasn't any strong young talent, although there was bright young White Sox-developed talent playing for other teams. The Sox through the '60s had traded prospects for aging, past-their-prime talent, and the best prospects in the system were few and not quite ready. The White Sox fired their manager about 80 games into the season.

Still, Eddie Stanky was not Robin Ventura, or maybe that should be stated the other way around. Stanky was old school with discipline and had all kinds of experience, and was even named National League manager of the year in his first year managing any team at any level long before that. The White Sox firing Stanky didn't help. Things just kept getting worse. They started to improve three of four managers later, depending on whether you count the interims, but that also corresponded with the new GM who hired someone with no major league managerial experience.

Firing Stanky didn't help. For that matter, firing LaRussa didn't help. I don't think firing Ventura would help.
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