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Originally Posted by CoopaLoop View Post
When he didn't pinch hit for Giminez in the 9th last night, I said to myself why even bother managing if you can't make the most basic of decisions.

This pains my cerebrum as well...If there was ever a time to try different things in different situations just to shake things up, now would be the time as a manager. *** do you really have to lose. If there are still ego's on this floundering Flying Dutchman, **** them...If I were him I'd twist that lineup inside out just to **** with their heads to let them know they are playing like a steaming pile. Fire Robin? Nah, He's not out in the field turning routine plays into excercises of mass ineptitude. He's not standing in the batters box swinging like a 4 year old seeing the first overhand ball ever thrown his way..

If he were teaching a bunch of neophytes the game and it was on him to groom them and he was failing at the task, yes.. **** can him. But the reality is he is coaching players who should be "fundamentally" at the top of their profession.

I dont know what halfassitis virus has infected this team or where it came from. Is he in over his head? Dont think so.. I think they are taking advantage of his demeanor. If thats not the case, then they outright suck..

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