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Originally Posted by Madvora View Post
I was a few rows behind the Sox dugout with incredible seats for this game. This was a major, major brawl. It actually flared up about three times.
Fick, that piece of ****, flicked off the crowd while exiting towards the bullpen and got a beer shower from the crowd.
Foulke came back to the dugout with a cut under his eye and got a standing ovation.
I was probably sitting 10 rows behind you at that game. To this day, it is the only game I've attended where there was a bench clearing brawl and boy what a doozy. There were actually several parts to that brawl if I remember right. The big one was the one Palmer started by throwing his helmet at Parque but there was one later in the game too when Howry plunked a Tigers hitter and then Weaver (who had already been ejected) came out of the locker room to join in the second brawl.
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