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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Fine but they don't have 5 Coles. (I know - Liriano is suddenly elite now that he isn't with the Sox).
With Peavy, we shouldn't trade him anyway before he rehabs and starts a couple of games. We may have to save him for next year - so be it. There's no reason to give him away - we need to take the risk, get him healthy and then put him on the market. Because if healthy, he is worth a lot. Injured, he's worth nothing but salary relief for JR. I doubt anyone else will pay full price for an injured Peavy.
I think it's important that guys who failed here learned to pitch elsewhere. Don Cooper's a very good pitching coach, but he isn't infallible.

They don't have 5 Coles, but if they can't even keep a spot open for him right now, they're not going to clog up the rotation any more. They could also use an elite bat. Probably more.
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