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Originally Posted by SBSoxFan View Post
The Sox didn't trade for Cruz until June 15. At the time, their record was 28-32. At some point, LaRussa also moved Fisk to #2 in the batting order behind a guy who would finish the season with a .340 OBP and steal 77 bases. Fisk apparently thrived on seeing more fastballs. The '83 Sox also had three established starters. The 2013 Sox are pretty much missing all those pieces. There's no comparison between the two.
Uh, comparing the quality of the 2013 and 1983 teams wasn't my point. But you knew that already and mischaracterized what I wrote anyway, right? You might as well insinuate that I think Hahn should have traded for Cruz. I'll leave it up to you if he should have done it in May or June.
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