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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Cole has much better stuff than Peavy, is the number one pitching prospect in the game, and is ready. You don't trade for Jake Peavy if you have that waiting with no where to pitch. That would be like the Nationals in Strausburg's rookie year trading for Peavy and sending Strausburg down to the minors. Yeah, it backfired for them. But it would still be a stupid trade. Cole has Nintendo stuff, and is at least going to dominant his first couple of times through.
Fine but they don't have 5 Coles. (I know - Liriano is suddenly elite now that he isn't with the Sox).
With Peavy, we shouldn't trade him anyway before he rehabs and starts a couple of games. We may have to save him for next year - so be it. There's no reason to give him away - we need to take the risk, get him healthy and then put him on the market. Because if healthy, he is worth a lot. Injured, he's worth nothing but salary relief for JR. I doubt anyone else will pay full price for an injured Peavy.
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