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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Well, maybe the first move wakes up the team. Maybe the second move stops the nonsense behind the plate. Maybe the moves send a jolt through everyone that they better get their act together or they're next.

Flash back to '83. The Sox traded a popular player in Tony Bernazard when they were floundering. Julio Cruz arrives in return and provides a spark that leads to 99 victories.

My point is you make moves to address problems. You don't just sit back and do absolutely nothing for months. Hahn allowed this season to disintegrate in record time, talking repeatedly about career norms through his paralysis. It's his job to detect problems early before they turn into bigger ones. Anybody can sit back until things unravel completely and then become a junkyard dealer.
This is definitely a solid argument you make. Like you, I wish we would have made at least one move to the starting nine by this point to change the mix. By June, I think we have a clear idea what this team is and where they are going. They make too many mental errors on the field and have the worst offense in the American League. Both of these facts prevent the team from going on any type of prolonged winning streak. However, it does take two organizations to make trades so perhaps Hahn hasn't gotten what he is looking for yet or believes that he will get better offers deeper into July.
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