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Everyone talking about the Ethier pick up potential. The Dodgers OF is kind of crowded now that Kemp is back and Puig playing so well. They have Crawford that will eventually be back soon as well.

Not to mention that there has been a butting of heads with Ethier and management.

Also, Dee Gordon is looking more of a failed prospect with what he's done in the bigs so far. The Dodgers currently have a need at SS/3B depending on where they want Hanley Ramirez to play.

I don't know diddly poo about their prospects, but anything we can get will be better than what we currently have, as long as we get market value for Peavy and Crain...Ramirez has been rather crappy this season offensively and defensively. This is also a guy that hasn't been paying much attention to the season this year, so my comments might be a bit off.

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