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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Worst fielding team in franchise history? What a bunch of jackasses. It's daily buffoonery.

I don't care how much Hawk blows Beckham. Beckham is not the smartest tool in the shed. That was one of the worst errors of this comedy-filled season. Sale should punch him.

How does every single person in that dugout keep his job?
The 1977 team was much worse defensively, and the 1970 team was worse defensively, despite being strong up the middle having gold glover at short and center, a former gold glover at second and Ed Herrmann doing most of the catching. This was not unlike a 1977 game, where the White Sox did something inexplicable to lose the lead in the ninth and came back to win it in the bottom of the inning. This year's team has some good defensive players making key mistakes. I don't know what has happened to Ramirez. And they have a shot at giving up as many unearned runs as the 1977 team, although the flies to right that landed 10 feet behind Zisk who seemed to be camped under them before they went for hits. Seriously, complain about the incompetence of 2013 White Sox baseball, but it doesn't approach how bad things were in the '70s, even in one of the two good years.

Overshadowed by the screw-up in the ninth, was how well the Sox played the rest of the game. They beat a hot prospect pitcher they had never seen before -- the very sort of pitcher we always hear they can never beat. Wheeler didn't get the loss he deserved, and if the bullpen hadn't kept the Sox from scoring the runner on third with less than two outs, Reed would have picked up his save. Reed's blown save holds a bit of justice, though considering he deserved a blown save in Seattle. And, really, Reed could have done a better job of directing traffic

Sale twice allowed the Mets to take the lead, getting off to a slow start in the first and giving up a home run later, but both times the Sox answered. They took the lead with good fundamental baseball, scoring two runs after getting just one hit, the leadoff single. The pitcher put runners at second and third, and the Sox scored them both with fundamental productive outs.

The Sox have been better lately at doing the fundamental things on offense they need to do to score runs.. If the defense was playing the way it's capable of playing, this team would be more reminiscent of a 1960s team than a 1970s team. But the way things worked out, Beckham screwing up the infield fly gave Sunday's goat a chance to be Tuesday's hero.
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