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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
Jose Quintana used a new offseason strength conditioning program heading into the 2013 season with Allen Thomas to improve his stamina and arm strength. This arm strength conditioning was done to address his struggles in September of last year when he ran out of gas after pitching more innings than he ever had before in his career. The added benefit to this new conditioning is that he has added mph to his fastball this season. If you don't believe me that Quintana's stuff has improved this season, check out this article from CBS Sports (not written by Hawk Harrelson) that highlights Quintana's increased velocity in 2013. It even uses Fangraphs as a reference. He averages 91.3 mph this season and not 89. Velocity topping out at about 94 as others have mentioned.
Hi Foulke,

This is a nice piece. I did, however, say he sits 89-91, which he pretty much does all game. Guys that sit in that (or any) range tend to top out higher. But it isn't like he's throwing a ton harder. He's still in the soft tosser range, and that four seamer is still as straight as it gets.
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