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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Quintana is effective because of deception. Guys like that are effective for a few years. Then, if the stuff isn't there, it gets real easy to read. Quintana's stuff isn't there. And he doesn't have the control of say, a Mark Buehrle, to compensate for it.

One of those three is Peavy, who won't be here. The other is Sale. I seriously don't know where all of these 2015 pitchers are coming from for a championship quality rotation. Unless the goal is to get back to "form" of an 82 win perennial "winner". And then to polishing these turds. Yay. Great plan, guys.
What about Santiago? He's pitched like a beast as the starter, although the Sox frequently use him as middle relief fodder.

If it's all deception, they'd catch on quicker than that. It's not like the contenders have 3 number 1 starters.

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