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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Agreed, Axelrod's been a real asset this season, but this is absolutely as good of a player as he will be. And that's not a knock, the Sox have been desperately short of players like Axelrod for years; guys who can shuffle between AAA and the Majors and give the MLB team some much needed innings or at bats when called upon instead of the usual crapola the Sox have to rely upon. He's the definition of quality organizational depth; not going to be a star or even a regular starter, but a guy you can hand the ball to in a pinch and not **** your pants about it. But when Dylan Axelrod is on pace to throw 186 innings for your team in 33 starts, er, that's a problem.
Yep. On a good team, Axelrod is a #6 or #7 starter --the guy you bring up to start the second game of a doube header (or insert when two guys in the rotation go down with injuries like Floyd and Jake have). His stuff is so mediocre that when his location and command aren't pinpoint, he'll get rocked -- no margin for error. Like others have said, I give him credit for what he's done so far.
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