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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
It seems Axelrod is running out of mojo. I was worried about this the second time through the league with him. It seems more teams are waiting him out and not chasing as much of his pitches out of the zone and then they tee off when he does challenge them. Axelrod hasn't been doing himself any favors by pitching up the zone lately too. When you throw 85mph, you simply cannot pitch up there. I think Axelrod has probably been pitching on borrowed time anyway. Peavy is going to claim a spot when he comes back and Santiago has been pitching well and has a much higher ceiling. I give the kid credit that he gets by on very little stuff but like you, I'm not 100% sure he is a long term solution in the rotation.
Agreed, Axelrod's been a real asset this season, but this is absolutely as good of a player as he will be. And that's not a knock, the Sox have been desperately short of players like Axelrod for years; guys who can shuffle between AAA and the Majors and give the MLB team some much needed innings or at bats when called upon instead of the usual crapola the Sox have to rely upon. He's the definition of quality organizational depth; not going to be a star or even a regular starter, but a guy you can hand the ball to in a pinch and not **** your pants about it. But when Dylan Axelrod is on pace to throw 186 innings for your team in 33 starts, er, that's a problem.

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