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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Of course, I'm an evil, evil Sox fan. I've yet to resign myself to the fact that the team is going to suck for five years. I actually think they could return to legitimate contention within about two years, well within the shelf life for a guy like Reed. So, someone would have to make me a great offer before I'd trade him.

Again, he's not untouchable. Just saying the offer would have to be very good. I wouldn't think twice about dealing Crain and Thornton.
I don't think they will suck for 5 years but I don't think they will really be contending until 2016 or so and since it seems to me that the shelf life of a closer is about 3 years I would probably be more willing to at least shop him around, but I agree with you that it has to be for a high price. Much more than what we would get for Crain or Thornton.

Go Sox!!!
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