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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
Alexei was actually worse in '09 as far as runs saved goes:

I know his parents are in the US, but is it possible he's having some sort of family issue either domestic or international? The drop off from last year is so precipitous that I feel like there has to be larger things at work than just regression.
He is a Cuban immigrant who moved to a phenomenal city and gets 5 million a year + to play baseball. The guy is loving life, as he should.

Maybe he has fallen in love? Maybe he is enjoying his life a ton, since his entire life has been spent playing a game at a high level so he could enjoy an easier existence. Quite possibly, he is content and isn't practicing he fundamentals quite as hard as he used to.

We forget the human condition sometimes, and that can be a problem.
This is why I love the concept of loading the roster full of guys with upcoming contracts or a chip on their shoulders.

They work harder. They want it a little more.
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