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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
We're not even halfway through the season yet, but it's obviously time to look toward 2014.

I'm pretty sure Rios and Beckham are the only two starting position players I'd want back for next season. Well, actually I wouldn't mind keeping De Aza -- as a fourth outfielder. Of course, if Hahn can get some pieces in exchange for Rios, he's gotta pull the trigger.

Pretty sure Sale is the only guy I absolutely would not move. I'd be inclined to hold on to Reed, as well, but I wouldn't describe him as off limits in a deal.
I hate the idea of holding onto a good closer when you're not really going to be needing one for at least a couple of years. Closers don't last, and it'd be a complete waste if he stops being effective before we're ready to contend and we didn't get anything for him because we wanted to keep him for the future.
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