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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
I'm with you. The pitching is fine. Don't fix what isn't broken. And not all position players need to be replaced, either.

We can be competitive in 2015 while simultaneously drafting and developing better.

Anyway, what I would do (my today's thinking):
This year and off-season.
Keep Alexei unless someone offers us a really good prospect
Acquire high ceiling prospects, even if in the lower-minors, from trading Peavy, Rios, Crain and Thornton. Don't worry about ML-ready. Do everything people have suggested to improve our player development, scouting, etc.
Sign a RHP, a RF, one reliever and defensive catcher and defensive SS if we need one. That should be accomplished for $20 million.
Sign PK to a 1 year deal.
That should stabilize us for 2014; after that, a couple of prospects should be rolling up and we can sign another couple of FA.
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