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I'm not a stat freak and I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure there have been teams in contention for a division title after being 10 games out halfway through a season.

I agree completely about what KW would have done and I'll be glad not to see that old chestnut making the call this year.

It's not impossible that after losing so many for so long that a couple of wins give a team some confidence and some more winning occurs. It's not like we've played well and lost. We've played very badly. Things can change. Now, no need for name calling or sarcasm here.... I'm not saying we will contend. I'm just saying things CAN get better. For example, I'm not sure that PK has had the last hot streak in his career.

Whatever the case I see no reason on this Earth NOT to just enjoy a win or two when we've endured so many losses.
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