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In my opinion, the Sox have 3 high end young starters: Sale, Santiago (whom I fear the Sox undervalue) and Quintana. They also have 2 young relievers, JOnes and Reed. That may be enough to build around and to prevent the need for total overhaul.
Can the combination of Rios, Peavy, Crane, Thornton yield 2 good position players ready in 2 seasons?
If so, we could then sign a right handed starter, plug catcher and maybe even SS with defensive specialists and be back in the game fairly quickly.

The AStros, the latest demolish and rebuild club, had more tradeable talent than we do (Oswalt, Berkman, Rodriguez, Pence, Myers, and a few other pieces), but they didn't have the young pitching on their club like we do. We aren't nearly in as bad a position as they were.
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