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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
If you think that's what people are arguing, you're off your rocker
I never said "Sale will get injured". But to act like, on a team that isn't winning in the next half decade, trading a player with the very strong injury concern Sale has doesn't make sense because somehow he's not likely to get injured is pretty damn preposterous. He is likely to get injured. Probably more likely than anyone else. Once again, I did not say he will get injured. But not planning on what's most likely, and instead arguing from an all or nothing position of "he will or will not get injured and you say he will!", when this team is going nowhere in the time he's here? Come on. It doesn't matter if Sale gets hurt or not. It only matters whether we get something out of him in the next five years. His value will never be higher.

Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
That's funny. I'm a resident old school old fart and have taken my share of whup for not bowing at the altar of everything saber. A very prominent and learned poster here keeps telling us that Sale's pitching arm is destined to go lame. I mean it's predetermined science. All I've been trying to do is show that is not necessarily the case. I have a limited amount of time and happened to pull up the article I linked. Not a big fan of BR, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to summarily dismiss everything they write. Just like I'm not going to assume that Sale is destined to be a left handed Mark Prior. Sometimes you just can't ****ing win around here.
Bleacher has some decent articles and authors. This is not one of them. The author is an internet blogger who, surprise, only writes fluff about his favorite team.

Any article comparing Sale to Randy Johnson doesn't deserve your time. Randy Johnson does not have the same body frame as Chris Sale. Johnson added more than 40 pounds of upper body muscle to his frame. If Chris Sale stood next to Randy Johnson, he would look like a tiny child.
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