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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
It isn't just a matter of scouting well. It is a matter of scouting well and finding someone who the organization you're trading with has undervalued for whatever reason. The Rangers could have got more for Chris Davis, even if they internally questioned his future in the organization. Sometimes an organization believes it has scouted well but later discovers there was reason the acquired value came so cheaply.

I think there is another factor besides scouting well, who you are trading with. Boston is always loaded with position player prospects. Add to that the fact that they are constantly trying to keep up with the Yankees. So a team like Boston may overpay when they see a weakness they have may prevent them from a postseason.
I think it is interesting that Middlebrooks, the guy who made Youk a White Sox, is now stuck on the bench because a prospect behind him came up when he got injured and has hit over .400 for a month. So some teams may overpay because they have several good prospects in the minors that play the same position. Boston traded Josh Reddick to Oakland for a relief pitcher. He is the one that Crane was mentioned as a possible replacement for.

By the way, we don't want Middlebrooks for Crane.
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