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Originally Posted by Huisj View Post
Could they have gotten much more for Davis? Let's not rewrite history here.

Don't forget though that he hit .192 in 2010 and struck out 150 times in 391 AB in 2009. They'd given up on him essentially by 2011 when they traded him--he was hardly playing and wasn't hitting much when he did. Mitch Moreland was getting the playing time. Davis mashed in AAA, but looked like a AAAA guy whenever he came up. To the Orioles, he was basically a buy-low guy with maybe a chance to turn it around and have some upside with low risk to them since all they gave up was an old middle reliever.
Kind of what Carlos Quentin was. We gave up one of our top prospects for him, although Carter wasn't ML ready at the time.
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