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Originally Posted by RCWHITESOX View Post
Just like I said Nellie you are thinking with your heart. That team had a real catcher in Downing a CF in Lemon and still ended up in last place with 97 loses. If this team stays as is they will probably finish with around the same record. Let's go way back and hope they have more of the 59 team in them. One that could field run and play fundamental baseball.
Calling Downing a real catcher is a bit of a stretch. He wasn't that much better than Flowers defensively, at least in those early years with the White Sox. He started behind the plate in less than half the Sox games, though, and Jim Essian was pretty good defensively, and wasn't much worse than Downing offensive. Chet Lemon was very good too. He needed to be as bad as the Sox pitching was.

Most of the best teams in White Sox history lacked hitting, though. Today's win was a good fundamental win, the sort of win that good White Sox teams tended to convert. If the Sox had taken advantage of similar available opportunities early in the season, this would be a different season. Good things can happen when you don't strike out with runners on first and second and nobody out. Good things can happen when you don't strike out with a runner at third and less than two out. The White Sox only got one hit in the ninth when they took the lead, and that was Viciedo's leadoff single.

The Royals not scoring their one-out triple the previous half-inning cost them the game. Another way to look at it would be Crain preventing the Royals from scoring their one-out triple the previous half-inning set the stage for the Sox to win the game by manufacturing a run. In the stats sheet, Beckham's pinch-hitting appearance looks like a failure, but advancing the runner to third with a fly out where the run could score on another fly out was huge.
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