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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
You didn't read what I said, compared to other big market teams we have been a failure, even the Cubs have been to the post-season more than we have. Taking away 2005 since 1981 the post season record is 4-13.
Beyond that JRs regime has been a failure in the respect that the team has lost so many fans. We have gone over this many times but they have alienated a large portion of the fan base since they took over. In the 50s and most of the 60s Chicago was a Sox town, since the late 60s to 1984 attendance was about equal. The Sportsvision experiment along with letting Harry go to the Cubs started the alienation. It didn't help when on the night we won the division in 1983 one of the first things out of JR and EEs mouths was that Harry was scum. Now comes the talk that Comiskey is falling down and we have to move to Addison, if we don't get a new stadium we move to Florida, how many fans did we lose on that one. Late 80s come around and the Cubs are now #1, the new stadium is built and we outdraw the Cubs for a couple of years. The problem is that the new Stadium was a disaster as many fans did not want any part of the upper deck. 1997 comes along and we have the White Flag trade. After 1993 the Cubs have outdrawn us every year even when we won a WS and the the following year of 2006. They alienate more fans by playing class warfare with fans sitting in the upper deck, they are not allowed anywhere in the park but the UD, all of this because a couple of fans got drunk one night and attacked a KC coach. Next up is the crazy price plans and parking fees which White Sox fans for the most part wanted no part of, at least JR and company finally figured out that that wasn't working.

I'm sure I left out a few things and there were some things we could not battle like Wrigley Field becoming a tourist trap and the Cubs becoming media darlings but all the rest adds up to 32 years of bonehead moves and failure.

And throughout all this, the franchise has increased in value tremendously and the ownership has probably made money every year since the first couple years. As I keep telling you, nothing will change until reinsdorf is dirt. It is what it is.
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