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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
The Orioles need starting pitching badly. If Peavy comes back before the deadline (doubtful but possible), we might be able to get an injured Dylan Bundy, or if we're lucky a Kevin Gausman (Peavy would need to be back early and pitching lights out).

Unless we're willing to trade a young stud (like Sale or Reed), there really isn't an obvious match to a team with prospects worth mentioning. At least not yet. Our only other chip (Rios) is more expensive than guys who are likely to be out there at the deadline, which hurts our chances of dealing him for anything but pennies on the dollar.
The Orioles aren't moving Bundy, injured or not. And certainly not for Peavy. I love Peavy, but you fire management if you move Bundy for Peavy right now.
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