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Originally Posted by balke View Post
I just listened to the Score talk about how if this team gets gutted noone will come to the ballpark. I don't believe that. I don't think attendance would go up, but I think people would still come out for a team that isn't paying a ton of money to lose as much as they are.

I'm not sure who the Sox should target. Hitting definitely needs to be improved. It seems like the toughest place to get a hitter in free agency these days is 3B. It'd be nice to see them upgrade that position young and build around it.

I personally could live without Peavy, Thornton, Floyd, Crain, Konerko, Rios, Dunn. That's the majority of money there. There's not much I'd say is necessary to keep. Sale, Quintana, and Ramirez if you can. Save some money and get that power position player after some younger talent is developed. Build a defensive team with good pitching and move on. Bring in the big money players when the supporting cast is assembled.
Despite his current struggles at the plate and his occasional defensive gaffes, I think Ramirez still could have some value in a trade. He's owed about $20 million in the next two seasons, and I think the Sox could be better off dealing him.

If there are any pluses for the Sox in the long-term, it's that we don't have (m)any bad long-term deals. Just $75 million on the books in 2014 and $36 million in 2015. The Sox may not have a lot of young talent, but they do have quite a bit of flexibility for the future.
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