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Sun-Times Headline - "Hawk Harrelson says White Sox’ season has been ‘hell on me’"

Some books can be judged by their cover, and some stories can be judged by their headline. I frankly don't care how "tough" everything is on Ken Harrelson, because - in the balance - it's not all that "tough" on him.

The guy gets paid a decent buck to announce White Sox games (unfortunately), and he's saying he "can't be as honest as he wants"? OK then folks, if Mr. Muzzled Truth Teller is so very torn up about not being able to verbalize that which he is thinking, why did he - on four separate occasions during yesterday's game - call the three singles in a row off of Sale "the softest singles you're ever going to see."? I watched the game too Harrelson, and they didn't appear particularly soft to me.

Nope - obviously Ken is so forced to keep the truth quiet he needs to speak in tangential manners to make excuse for the fact that Sale did not have a good outing.

Here's an idea Ken - just say, "This is not a good outing by Chris Sale."
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