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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
I recommend you check out the article in the Sun Times about Hawk. He kinda touches on how its difficult for announcers to be as honest as they want when the team is this bad. He also says that he feels bad for some players but not all of them. Makes me think the clubhouse is probably pretty poor but that could also be attributed to the fact that we are so lousy.
There is an art to being honest without being critical, and Farmer showed glimpses of it today. In basically saying, "He was looking for a fastball and guess what he got - a fastball" I think Farmer did a nice job of giving the audience a sense of what runs through a major league pitcher's head during a game and also alluding to the fact that somewhere along the line the White Sox baseball system failed, but it was the manner in which he did it. It simply came out of his mouth - It was spontaneous. It was an oasis of "realness" in a two decade long desert of forced conversation.

It's no secret I'm not in love with Harrelson, and I'm so jaded with the guy that every sentence I hear him utter strikes me as a completely rehersed and previously thought through comment. Hell I even view his emotional outbursts as faux emotion. I'll read the Sun-Times article later, but guarantee you in will not change my mind about him. He's a shill.

No announcer would ever be as "honest as they want" because they'd be fired almost immediately in today's world (see: Piersall), but there is plenty of room to be honest without being a hatchet man (see: Stone).

Let's just hope Farmer keeps this going.
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