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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
If any of this happened the commissioner would block it because it's obvious Rick Hahn held someone at gunpoint.
And who is to say any of those prospects are going to great let alone average or a complete bust. For every Mike Trout their are plenty of herald prospects who end up going bust. Prospect is just like the word says. The Yankees for years sent there prospects to Kansas City for proven players and Kansas City kept finishing at the bottom of the standings. I understand that your farm players are very important; but to say if the Sox were able to get the aforementioned players would be a steal is premature at best. It might look good on paper but it only counts on the field. Winning requires skill; but also a lot of luck. I'm pretty sure no one looking at the Sox's 2005 roster thought they were headed for the World Series. The Sox need to upgrade their defense CF, 1B, SS, and Catcher. Hopefully they hold on to most of the pitching and are able to acquire players in trades and the off season to be able to compete.
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