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Newsflash, Hawk still sucks. The days are long gone when talking about golf and Stan Musial or whomever are enlightening or entertaining to anyone except retiree's and Hawk himself. I still only learned where Stone Poney comes from the other day. I had been holding out googling it because I didn't want to give that old fart the satisfaction.

And it's not just Hawk. The Robin hiring has not come without it's fair share of boneheaded calls from the dugout. Does anyone really believe that hiring a manager who has never coached a game beyond high school (right after you fire a guy like Ozzie, who left much to be desired to put it lightly), running out a team like this day in-day out, and having Hawk Harrelson as your play by play guy will not have a negative impact on this organization for years to come? All this affects what free agent's are willing to sign here, the amount of money we have to spend on players, and the fan perception of the Sox around the country. This organization needs to stop kidding themselves and fooling it's fans with the nepotism and overall ineptitude. It's time to replace Hawk and I don't care or know who would be best suited for the job. Anyone will be better than this guy, and debating that is pointless.

I consider myself a die-hard Sox fan, but I'm not a fool. This organization stinks right now. I hope to see a big shake-up and look forward to seeing the minor league guys work their way up.
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