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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
My bad, you were talking about Shueler's system then? We got plenty of players and trade-able pieces from that...
Specifically I was talking about the 2000 system, and the players Doub listed. The output was margainal.
The idea is that when Williams was running the farm system, as he was during Sheuler's era, it was strong, so perhaps it will be now that he's back to running it (is he?).
Williams did a good job with the system through 2008 or so; while it wasn't ranked well, he was able to trade a lot of the players for better veterans. But that hasn't been happening in the last several years.
A criticism of Scheuler is that he didn't use the system well..he kept the players down there until they petered out, instead of trading them.
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