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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Last nights 7-5 loss to the Twins showed why Dunn should no longer be on the White Sox. In the first inning Beckham was charged with a throwing error. And yeah it was a bad throw but even Steve Stone pointed out that Konerko would of caught the ball. Dunn didn't. Dunn missed a throw in the dirt which most first basemen would of caught. Dunn can't do anything except hit a home run every now and then. He can't hit for average. He can't run, throw or catch a baseball. When he was in his last year of his contract in Washington one of the Toronto writers asked the Toronto GM about the possibilties of the Blue Jays signing Dunn at the end of the year. His response was no, he wasn't interested. He said Dunn had never done one thing to improve his baseball skills in all the years he played. The story was printed and the Toronto GM was forced to apologize about his remarks about Dunn. I posted once before by saying that I'm just happy when Dunn hits the ball. I'm happier when Dunn catches the ball when he's playing first base. I will be happiest when Dunn is longer a member of the White Sox. I'm fairly confident that this will be the last year for Dunn on the Southside of Chicago.
Golden: You list all Dunn's shortcomings. But then you say you are confident he will not be back. If he is terrible, who is going to take him and his huge salary?? Do you really think Hahn is going to convince management to eat his $14 mil??? I think the only hope( a real longshot) is the Sox convince someone to take him but still pay the bulk of his salary. That probably means they replace him with a real cheap option or hold on and hope somehow he has a better year next year. Kind of damned if you do.........................
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