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Originally Posted by captain54 View Post
You don't put a beat up reliever with absolutely no history of success at the MLB level into a tie game in the bottom of the 8th when you are in a postion of being double digits out of the lead and you have to fight and claw and scratch to get back in this thing...

Unless your middle relief and setup corp is thin..

So the argument as to whether all teams do or not have beat up veterans on the team is irrelevant.. Yes they all do...
Holy lack of reading comprehension; I never once said Troncoso should have been in the game at that time, he's clearly a garbage time reliever, I was only taking issue with the post that seemed to insinuate the Sox, what with their Troncosos and Wises, are the only team in the league with bad veteran players on its roster.

You're argument is something completely different. And yes, I agree, a pitcher of his ****tiness doesn't belong in a tie game in the 8th inning.

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