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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Precisely. Hahn would be stupid to announce publicly, "We're selling!"

KW often made the mistake of being too open with the media, which I think may have damaged his negotiating position on several trades.

I can't believe anyone would expect Hahn to announce, "This team sucks! I'm going to blow it up." I suspect that is his plan. But he's not going to say in publicly, because that would decrease the value of his movable assets.

He has put it out there that he'll stand pat if he doesn't get the offer he wants. It's all part of creating a market for the guys you want to move. The next six weeks are important for the White Sox. Not because of anything that's happening on the field, but because you want to get some useful ballplayers in return for the veterans that will be dealt.
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