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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
.277 8HRs 37 RBI and 18 doubles so far this season is not shabby production by any means. He also put together a pretty decent 2012 and if his 2013 holds the course, it will be improved on what he did last year. It isn't gaudy numbers but certainly better than anything we are getting in our lineup right now. I also like the fact that he is a switch hitter which is another thing to factor into his value as a player. He also is a career .292 hitter with RISP and lord knows the Sox could use hitters like that. If he could be had at a reasonable contract, I would definitely be interested in Morales as a stopgap 1B or DH.
Also, who cares if his swing doesn't project to show power. We don't need any more power hitters, we need guys who can hit, period. I doubt the Sox would turn away a .280 hitting slap hitter at this point.

Maybe be too soon for Phegley. Even considering him is yet another tell that Hahn badly neglected the catcher position this offseason.

Looks like Miguel Olivo could be available, as he walked out on the Marlins this week. Dude's not a average hitter at this point, but anything would be an improvement on Flowers.
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