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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
blandman: Sign free agent Kendrys Morales after this season and trade for one of the 3 outfielders LA is trying to trade: Crawford, Kemp or Ethier and plug them into our lineup next year and I'll take my chances. The money for Konerko, Floyd and Thornton will be off the books for 2014. (Assuming Thornton won't be here in 2014) The White Sox will have the money to sign/trade for the players I mentioned. Also, its time to bring up Josh Phegley and see if he fits into our future.
Kendrys Morales is intriguing, but ultimately he's over 30 now and has both regressed and been susceptible to injuries. He's probably going to get a lot more money and years than he's worth.

Crawford and Ethier are no longer players you build around. Kemp might still be, but he would cost 2 more marquee prospects than we have. And he's probably not worth it.

Josh Phegley is garbage. There's a reason we haven't called him up. He's got value to a team just looking at numbers. His swing isn't good enough; it doesn't project to show power at the major league level. Calling him up would bring that to light.

EDIT: Taking a closer look at Morales' numbers, STAY FAR AWAY. Since his "breakout" in 2009 with a .569 slugging percentage, he's regressed every year (including the next season before he was injured). This year it's at .436. Looking at where it was before that break out seems more likely to be an aberration. He was never really any good, he just had a singular good season.

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