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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
If Dunn, Konerko and the Tank would of produced this year, we would not be in last place. We have one of the worse offenses because our middle of the order hasn't hit. I would like to think that Dunn, Konerko and the Tank won't be on the 2014 White Sox. If you can replace those 3 guys without destroying the pitching staff we have, we can contend in 2014. I can't believe the White Sox/Hahn are going to a 5 year rebuilding plan like some other teams are claiming to do. Bill Veeck once said in one of his books: "The future is now, 5 year plans usually lead to new 5 year plans". I would suspect the White Sox will try to replace their middle of the order through free agent signings and a trade or two.
You can't replace your 3, 4, and 5 guys simply because you have to/don't want to rebuild. Replacing those spots with quality takes time. What, are we going to hand out three $15 - 20 million per year contracts in free agency? Are there even three guys in free agency next offseason to fit the bill?

We aren't trading for a core guy that's producing now. We don't have the marquee prospects to do that.

We've gotta develop these guys. It's going to take a while.

edit: I mentioned those spots in the lineup because Rios is leaving in a year (plus he'll probably regress more next year).

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